Add a mother-in-law suite addition to your house in the San Diego, CA area

Create a Private Space for Your Family Member

One of your in-laws is moving in, and they'd prefer to have their own space. This means a separate kitchen, bathroom and maybe even entertainment area. Fortunately, you can hire Banning & Son, Inc. to build a mother-in-law suite addition for your home in San Diego, CA or surrounding areas.

We'll build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that is either attached to or detached from your house. Our fully trained team will bring to your service:

Over 20 years of experience
Permitting expertise
In-house plumbing services
Our own electrical services

With our team by your side, you can expect some of the best results. Call 619-843-6469 now to plan your mother-in-law suite addition.

Repurpose an underutilized space

Do you have a room, basement or garage to turn into a living area? You can turn to us for garage conversion services and more. We'll transform your space into an inviting, fully furnished room. Ask us for a free estimate on garage conversion services today.